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Give Bitcoin for Christmas


Anna Perozzi

2 min

bitcoin christmas

Good news: we have come up with the best way to celebrate Christmas!

No more useless socks and scented candles.

This Christmas, introduce your family and friends to the world of cryptocurrency. Thanks to your gift they can buy any cryptocurrency available on Young Platform.

Create your Gift Cards by clicking on the green button.

How do Gift Cards work?

Gift Cards are a feature that has been available on Young Platform for a long time, allowing you to send anyone a Euro voucher to spend on the exchange.

Now we want to make it possible for everyone to use them.

That’s why you can now give Gift Cards without logging into Young Platform.
All you need is a credit, debit or prepaid card and to be in Italy.

To redeem the Gift Card your friends simply have to create an account on Young Platform and enter the gift code they will receive!

Furthermore, on the occasion of Crypto Christmas, you can customise the Gift Card: in addition to the amount and the message, you can choose how to deliver it!

  • By email: if you have friends who are far away, you can schedule the gift delivery – for Christmas Day, or any other day they celebrate!
  • By code: select this delivery method to have the Gift Card sent to your email address. Then print out the attached pdf so you can hand-deliver the gift.

Already thinking about the perfect person for this gift?

Imagine the look on their face when they receive it!
The surprise is guaranteed 😀

Create a Gift Card now!

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