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Black Friday is live!


Anna Perozzi

2 min

black friday

Did you know that the term Black Friday was first used to refer to the collapse of the gold market in 1869? And then to refer to one of the worst days in the crash of ’29? 

*end of Academy moment*

What Black Friday, you say, there is no crisis in the cryptocurrency market (just a little bearish)!

We know that, in fact, this is just a little early Christmas present from Santa Young Platform.

A week of discounts!

When? From today, 19 November, to 26 November

How much? You’ll get 70% off trading fees for any cryptocurrency on Young Platform

Where? The promotion is reserved for Young Platform users, whereas Young Platform Pro is not celebrating Black Friday – it’s already black.😎

How? This discount has the effect of changing the base fee, so if you already have the YNG token discount of 50%, this 50% will apply to the already discounted fee.


A fiat-to-crypto conversion normally requires a fee of 2.5% of the amount.

As of today, with a 70% discount, it is 0.75%.

If you have the maximum possible discount with YNG (50%), your fee will be 0.375%.

Use the combo!

Did you know that you can invite your friends to Young Platform to receive both a €5 bonus?

Invite your friends during Black Friday to use the discount+bonus combo.

It’s all worth it, and shopping is more fun together!

Ready? Let’s go crypto shopping!

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