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Invite your friends and get up to €100 bonus

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Invite a friend to Young Platform and get a bonus of up to 100 euros

A bonus of up to €100 for you – citizen of the Future. Invite your friends stuck in the past to Young Platform! 

Are your friends out of time and have no idea what cryptocurrencies are? You’re living in the year 3000 but there’s still hope for them! Starting today for two weeks, for every friend you invite to Young Platform, you’ll receive a €20 bonus (up to a maximum of 5 friends). Find out how the promotion works!

Don’t keep it a secret: crypto is the Future, invite your friends

You know the ‘Invite a Friend’ promotion? From today 24 January until 6 February (00:00) it gets a never-before-seen boost. During these two weeks, the bonuses you receive by inviting friends to Young Platform are multiplied to a maximum of €100 overall. And the number of people you can invite increase from 3 to 5! In addition, whoever receives your invitation will in turn get a €20 bonus.

Bonuses are ‘credits’ that you can use to get cashback on trading fees when you buy or sell cryptocurrency. For example, if you have to pay a €3 fee, they will be deducted directly from your bonuses. You can find all your bonuses in the Promo Wallet section in the app or in the desktop version (Note: the section only appears after the first bonus claim. To find out how the Promo Wallet works read here). 

Bonuses have an expiry date (like the technology your friends insist on using) and are not valid forever: they must be redeemed within 30 days of being credited to the Promo Wallet and used within 30 days of redemption. 

Anyway, spread the word! In the ‘Invite a Friend’ section in the Home page you will find the code that you can copy and send to whomever you wish. In this section you can also check how many bonuses you have left to redeem. You can forward your code to an infinite number of people, but only the first 5 people to complete the process will receive the bonus

This number also counts bonuses redeemed in the past, the maximum number of friends you can invite is 5 in total including those. If, for example, you have already received a bonus for inviting 2 people, you can receive a maximum of 3 more in this pumped promotion. 

All the steps to obtain the bonus 

If you have received an invitation and want to get your €20 bonus, follow these steps: 

  1. Download the app by entering the code received;
  2. Carry out the Identity Verification procedure;
  3. Complete your first deposit of at least €50;
  4. Discover your bonus in the Promo Wallet and redeem it. 

Read the full regulation!

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