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LUNA 2.0 airdrop on Young Platform

Anna Perozzi

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Luna 2.0: airdrop and listing on Young Platform

Find out all the details of the LUNA 2.0 airdrop on Young Platform: the listing date, the amount of tokens and whether you’ll receive them

Before going into the details of the event, let’s pick up where we left off on the Terra (LUNA) affair.

In case you have been living as a hermit under a rock for the last 4 months: in May of this year the algorithmic stablecoin UST and LUNA collapsed, along with the entire DeFi ecosystem they were supporting, including founder Do Kwon.

Even the best traders and institutions had believed in the ambitious project and suffered huge losses as a result. Following the event, you may remember that we too had to urgently delist what is now LUNC.

In reaction to this crisis, a fork was announced that rendered the old Terra blockchain, and thus the old tokens and coins, obsolete. These took on the name ‘Classic‘, while the new chain and cryptos inherited the original name ‘Terra’, ‘LUNA’, and ‘UST’. The latter are also called ‘Terra V2‘ or ‘LUNA 2.0‘ to avoid confusion.

As is often the case with forks, there was also talk of an airdrop of the new LUNAs, and this is where we left off.

We can now finally reveal how the airdrop of the LUNA 2.0 crypto will work on Young Platform.

Who will receive the LUNA airdrop on Young Platform?

Is there a key word you need to know to take advantage of this airdrop? ‘Snapshot’.

Snapshot is the term commonly used to refer to the precise instant at which a “picture” of the status of the entire blockchain in question is ‘taken’ and is considered to be valid for deciding who is entitled to the drop or not.

Two snapshots were taken for the LUNA 2.0 crypto:

  • 7th of May at 14:59 UTC;
  • 26th of May at 16:38 UTC.

If you had LUNA on Young Platform at that time, you are entitled to receive LUNA V2.

How many LUNA 2.0s will you receive?

  • If you owned LUNA on Young Platform during the snapshot on the 7th of May, you will receive 1.034735071 LUNA2 for every 1 LUNA you held

The airdrop will then be at a ratio of 1 : 1.034735071

  • If you owned LUNA on Young Platform during the snapshot on the 26th of May, you will receive 0.000015307927 LUNA2 for every 1 LUNA you kept

The airdrop will then be in the ratio 1 : 0.000015307927

This means that if you held LUNA during both snapshots, you are entitled to both airdrops.

When will you receive the LUNA 2.0 airdrop?

On Thursday the 29th of September at 14:00 UTC, both LUNA 2.0 airdrops will be distributed to all eligible persons.

The LUNA 2.0 crypto will be available for storage and trading

Aficionados of the community will have understood this already from the title: it is an airdrop, but also a listing in its own right. 

As was the case with Ethereum Proof-of-Work: with this airdrop, we want you to be able to do all the things you need to do to make the most of this new crypto.

Also from Thursday the 29th of September at 14:00 UTC, you will be able to store, withdraw, deposit, buy and sell LUNA 2.0 with Euros, on both Young Platform and Young Platform Pro.

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