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News on the withdrawal of YNG to Young Platform

Anna Perozzi

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As you may know, since September 2020 we have changed the way YNGs are credited to Young Platform from automatic to manual, as a result the transfer until now took 24/48 hours.

This change was implemented due to the price increase of the Ethereum network, which would have required very high fees for the automated sending of YNG.

The schedule introduced in September, therefore, was to allow you to transfer YNG despite this.

While waiting for the new procedure

To improve the user experience, we are integrating a new procedure of transferring YNG from Step to Young Platform istantly.

We know how important it is to redeem your YNG, which is why the Young Team is working to ensure that the integration is released as soon as possible.

In order to allow for this work, we are announcing a temporary change in the frequency of transfers.

What will change?

Starting this week, YNG transfers will be credited to Young Platform every Thursday night, after the scheduled maintenance at 10 pm UTC.

This weekly frequency will end when the new procedure for transferring YNG is announced.

When can I withdraw?

On Step, you can withdraw YNG at any time of the day and the transaction will be completed, but only on the following Friday will it show up on your Young Platform balance.

Read the updated guide on how to withdraw YNG from Step!

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