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Purchase YNG before the Halving

Anna Perozzi

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Get ready for the Halving buying Young Platform tokens and save on purchase of Bitcoin

There are only 15 days left to Bitcoin’s Halving. Did you know that?

“The halvening” is the nickname for one of the most anticipated events in Bitcoin history. It only happens once every four years!

Take advantage of this week to purchase YNG before the Halving. Thanks to the YNG token you’ll position yourself on a higher Discount Level and save on Bitcoin purchaseLearn more.

Will the price of Bitcoin rise or fall?

Crypto industry experts believe that halving the fee for miners from 12.5 to 6.25 will lead to an increase in Bitcoin demand (and therefore in its value), as a result of further supply limitation. As a matter of fact, not only will the difficulty to mine Bitcoin increase, but the costs of this activity will increase proportionally (e.g. it will require more powerful and expensive hardware and higher electricity consumption).

How can I purchase YNG?

Log in to your Young Platform account.
Purchase new YNG to level up.
Get the maximum discount with the Hodler level.

To learn more, check out the YNG Token section on your exchange account or the dedicated Support section.

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