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The Quadrans Token lands on Young Platform

Anna Perozzi

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Quadrans Token on Young Platform for two weeks, QDT is a cryptocurrency based on a sustainable and incorruptible blockchain

Quadrans Token (QDT) is now available on Young Platform. Young Platform is the first exchange to support the Swiss Foundation’s token.

Quadrans Token is based on the ERC-20 protocol, and it has been generated in 600 million units. The token serves primarily as a guarantee and requirement for mining on Quadrans.

Why did Young Platform decide to list the Quadrans Token?

The Quadrans blockchain is a highly sustainable project with a similar mission to that of Young. The Quadrans Foundation promotes the development of blockchain technologies and the spreading of knowledge in this field, with a view to bringing value to the whole community. Its blockchain is, in fact, the basis of many solidarity and ecological projects, and guarantees the incorruptibility of data and therefore the reliability of their products.

How does the listing work?

The QDT listing is temporary, so it will only be available within the next two weeks.

Purchase week: from Monday 14 to Sunday 20

Sale week: from Monday 21 to Sunday 27

There will be no other chance to buy or sell QDT.

What is the value of 1 QDT?

1 QDT = €0.25

Quadrans Token is currently kept stable at this price, as its function is not related to the market, but to mining and blockchain maintenance.

Which QDT pairs will be available on Young Platform?


What are the fees for QDT?

QDT – EUR: 1.35%.

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