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The CryptoMadeFree Contest is over!

Anna Perozzi

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How winners can get their prize on Young Platform

With more than 120,000 registered users on the Waiting List, the #CryptoMadeFree contest officially ends!

When will the winners be announced?

Users who have reached the Ultimate level and won one or more tickets will be contacted personally in the next few days.

All those who have won zero fees will find their account on the exchange PRO with the fees set to zero for the corresponding months achieved.

Where will I receive my share of the 20.000€ in Bitcoin?

Ultimate (Italian) users who have claimed their tickets will have their share in Bitcoin credited to their Young Platform wallet.

What happens to KYCs made before the competition deadline but not yet approved?

No problem! All identity verifications completed before 23:59 on 21/09, if correct, will be considered valid in order to reach the various levels and obtain the relative zero-fees. They will not be valid to compete for the prize money of 20.000€.

Stay tuned for the next updates!

The Young Team

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