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Young Club: 2 new benefits coming soon

Anna Perozzi

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Young Club: 2 new benefits coming soon

Two more benefits added to the list: join a Club or upgrade so you don’t miss out!

Freename: Web3 is under your domain 

We have partnered with Freename, a leading Web3 company, to bring you the first benefit. 

Freename is a platform where you can create, buy and sell not only Web3 domains, but also TLDs

One of the new features resulting from this partnership is the possibility to search for a Freename domain directly from Young Platform Web, evaluate its price and decide whether to purchase it. Freename domains can also be used as wallet addresses, and thanks to the integration, you will be able to send and receive your cryptocurrencies from Young Platform Wallets to your wallet via the Freename domain.

If you are a member of a Club, you will be able to take advantage of a coupon on Freename for a variable value depending on the level you belong to. Full details will be announced soon!

Market Report 

In order to navigate the routes of the market and cope with headwinds or favourable tides, the Young Platform Desk will produce a solution for Club members only: the Market Report.

If you are one of our members, you will have already received by email the first two Young Platform Signature Reports, with which we collected your feedback, but the time has come to make this benefit official. 

From Club Silver onwards, members will receive a detailed Market Report at the end of the first week of each month. Find out more in the dedicated announcement.

Time to join the Clubs!

As promised, the benefits keep coming and more will follow, so join a Club today to get them all and make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter! 

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