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Academy gets a makeover: brush up on your knowledge!

Anna Perozzi

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Young Platform Academy is the gateway to learning all about cryptocurrencies, with simple explanations for everyone.

On the Young Platform Step app, you can take quizzes based on its articles and, on the Young Platform exchange, Academy serves as an essential sidekick to trading consciously.

Why Academy is your best friend

We will never tire of emphasising the importance of reading up and doing some research when approaching the world of cryptocurrencies. 

There are plenty of reasons to do so: 

  1. The fascination of new technologies
    The best reason is the simplest one: who wouldn’t be intrigued by how a blockchain works? There is so much to discover and everyone can do it!
  2. Knowing what you are buying
    This is fundamental. Would you ever buy shares in a company you’d never heard of before? Let’s hope not! 
  3. Operating safely in the industry
    Once Young Platform enables you to get your first cryptocurrencies, a whole new world opens up to you beyond exchanges. It’s good to understand how it all works and the risks involved before you dive in.
  4. Understanding what’s going on in the world and staying up to date
    You’ve probably seen how much news comes out of our Blog. If there’s a topic that comes up often, after you’ve read more about the Academy, you can follow its development on the Blog. 
  5. Get YNG tokens with quizzes
    All of this sounds great, but you’re feeling lazy? You should know that on Young Platform Step reading the Academy allows you to earn cryptocurrency with quizzes!

Curiosity, security and profit – do you need more?

The first Academy update

With this in mind, the site has been restructured mainly from a technical point of view. Performance has therefore been improved, but so has navigability. 

In fact, the first improvements have been made to the overall site experience, including the new Categories, which are easily visible on the homepage.

You can now even filter by Tags: when you see a tag next to an article saying for example “DeFi” or “Crypto Market” click on it to see all articles with that tag.

You will also find differences when reading the individual articles: the “You’ll learn” has been merged with the interactive index, and at the bottom, you will find related articles.

But it doesn’t end there: content updates, a new look and a new language are coming.

Keep following the weekly publications, also available on Step and Young Platform!

Read the latest article on Algorand!

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