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Young Platform has a new look!

Anna Perozzi

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2021 has been an incredible year for Young Platform, a year of great achievements together with our community.

New challenges await us, impossible as we like it. And to celebrate this new chapter, Young Platform is changing its appearance.

🚀The new Brand Identity

The new Brand Identity marks the beginning of a new era in which the Young Platform world expands and transforms, emphasising the jovial, colourful and provocative spirit that has always distinguished it.

The lines are softer and the colours more intense. The essentiality of the design and the new proprietary font underline the spirit of our products, which are dynamic and easy to use. Finally, the web platform interface has been redesigned to make the experience more personal because Young Platform is, and always will be, built on the needs of its community.

🚀Young Platform Step

However, today we are celebrating the biggest change: Young Platform becomes a single brand, an identity that encompasses all its products.

Stepdrop has also been transformed and changed its name to Young Platform Step, to become part of the Young Platform universe. A new name, the same spirit. Step represents the first step into the crypto world, the beginning of a journey of discovery and knowledge.

🚀The Ecosystem

Now Young Platform is the Brand of a cohesive ecosystem: the company, the exchange, the Pro, the Academy and Step.

From now on, there will be no limits to the exploration and design of new platforms, products, games and features: everything will be part of the same universe.

Together, we will take Young Platform beyond the boundaries of our wildest dreams.

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