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Up&Down Special extended to New Year’s Eve


Anna Perozzi

1 min

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Make your special forecast on your favourite cryptocurrency on Young Platform Step

To brighten up the grim situation all of us are facing, we have decided to extend the special edition of Up&Down until New Year’s Eve!

How it works

  • If you lose the forecast you do not lose YNG.
  • You can wager a maximum of 0.05 YNG.
  • The reward will be equal to:
  • 3h 👉  5%  👉  0.0525 YNG
  • 6h 👉 10% 👉 0.055 YNG
  • 12h 👉 20% 👉 0.06 YNG

What are you still doing here? Make your forecast!

The Young Team

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