Young Monday

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Algorand and Bank of Italy, Justin Bieber investigated for his Bored Ape
FTX bankruptcy: Goldman Sachs sees it as the crypto world's turning point
Phantom crypto wallet coming to Ethereum and Polygon
FTX: Apple's film on the crypto exchange’s collapse
Bored Ape Yacht Club in the Adidas World Cup 2022 commercial
Subway accepts Bitcoin Lightning Network payments and Messi on Sorare
Instagram NFT marketplace, JP Morgan gets involved with DeFi
Crypto in the UK: Rishi Sunak is bullish and open to stablecoins
Ethereum: next Shanghai update arrives
OpenSea news: you can buy NFTs on Avalanche (AVAX)
Paying in Bitcoin and Tether at McDonald's in Lugano
Buying NFTs with Apple and Christie's, a play-to-earn game about Muhammad Ali
Michael Saylor buys more Bitcoin, DC Comics NFTs and Colorado
Starbucks and Polygon, Ballon d’Or NFTs and Norway’s CBDC
Muse’s NFT album, Cardano’s Vasil update, Sorare and the NBA