FAQs Taxes on Cryptocurrency

All you need to know for tax purposes

Young Platform does not provide tax forms or declarations

Each country differs in how it classifies cryptocurrencies for tax purposes. In addition, each country classifies cryptocurrencies differently, for example as money, property, a commodity or a financial asset. We therefore recommend that you consult a local accountant to ensure that you comply with each country's tax regulations. Here you'll find further information concerning only Italian residents. If you need your transaction history and balance to hand over to your accountant, you can conveniently download it from your Young Platform account settings.


  • If I still have doubts, what should I do?

  • Tax issues: Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin

  • Is the Young Platform account considered a bank account?

  • Consider these recommendations

  • If I activate a discount on Young Platform is it also valid for Young Platform Pro?

  • What are transaction fees and why do I have to pay them?

  • What kind of fees are present?

Tax duties and exemptions

  • What are the tax obligations when buying cryptocurrencies?

  • When to fill in the annual declaration of assets held abroad?

  • Exemption from filing income tax returns


  • What to do if you exceed the € 51,645.38 threshold for more than 7 continuous working days?

  • What should I give to my accountant?

  • How do I fill in the RW framework?

  • How do I fill in the RT framework?

  • Where should I declare my cryptocurrencies?

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