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After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the cryptocurrency with the highest market value. Follow the ETH price and participate in the first decentralised world computer.

What is Ethereum ?

Ethereum is the blockchain with the largest number of applications and uses in existence today, to the extent that it is responsible for the birth of much of the crypto industry. The possibility to create and use smart contracts, ERC20 tokens and dApps has led to the foundation of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) which has over 100 companies supporting its development, including Microsoft and JP Morgan. The migration from a Proof of Work protocol to a Proof of Stake protocol that has begun in 2021 represents a momentous change in the improvement of its blockchain, which has been renamed Ethereum 2.0 for the occasion.

Why buy Ethereum ?

Ethereum’s multiple applications – on which much of the crypto world is based – need Ether to use the network. This creates a very strong demand for the token, placing it in second place in market dominance since time immemorial. Only Bitcoin is capable of surpassing Ether. Over the course of 2021 Ether has improved its scalability, facilitating the entire ecosystem of DApps, tokens and projects that rely on its blockchain.

How it began?

Who founded Ethereum? His name is Vitalik Buterin, and he created the blockchain together with Gavin Wood, Jeffrey Wilcke, heikoheiko and other developers. The project was born in 2013, when Buterin was still a student. The vision of Ethereum was — and still is — to create a world computer o blockchain. In 2014 the first versions of the software were released, including the language needed to develop smart contracts. The team manages to launch Ethereum thanks to an ICO, with which it raises $18.4 million in BTC. In 2017, the nonprofit organisation Enterprise Ethereum Alliance was founded. The organisation promotes the development of technological solutions based on Ethereum.

How to buy Ethereum ?

Enter the crypto world with Ethereum, the player that has revolutionised the entire market! Follow these 3 simple steps.

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