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Clubs are our loyalty programme. Once you've signed up you'll never want to leave again. Joining is easy - all you need to do is buy and keep the Young token (YNG) in your account.
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Young Bronze Club

Bronze Club

Entry Level

YNG required

-30% fee discount
+10% Airdrop rewards
VIP Support
Young Silver

Silver Club

Crypto Lover

YNG required

-50% fee discount
+15% Airdrop rewards
VIP Support
Young Gold Club

Gold Club


YNG required

-75% fee discount
+20% Airdrop rewards
VIP Support
Young Platinum Club

Platinum Club

Best value

YNG required

-100% fee discount
+25% Airdrop rewards
VIP Support

How do I sign up?

Just create an account on Young Platform, it's that simple! You will have the support of the Team and Community at all times - you are officially joining the 100% European crypto exchange.

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YNG is the token Ethereum-based created for the Young Platform ecosystem
Accumulating YNG unlocks access to exclusive benefits, perks, and rewards
Thanks to the Community Sale, you can receive extra YNGs as a gift on your purchases
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With YNG, you become part of the largest Crypto Communities in Europe

The very best, from a Club

Discover in detail all the perks provided by the Clubs. To gain access, all you have to do is buy the Young token (YNG).

get zero fees on all purchases and sales thanks to the young token
Maximum Result
Cut the purchase and sale fees
Take your operations to the next level and stop paying fees on purchases and sales. There is no better way to maximise your purchases.
Young Token's green icon - the coin in your hands
Get up to 25% more on selected airdrops
By partnering with established Foundations and promising projects, you can secure access to free YNG and coin giveaways on Young Platform. Thanks to the Clubs, you are eligible to receive more cryptocurrencies than any participant!

A forward-thinking Roadmap

We are planning new benefits and exclusive features for all Clubs. Vote for your favorites! We will prioritise the development of the ones that get the most votes.

Young Platform exchange-linked debit card coming soon
Debit card
Spend your crypto where you want and when you want at over +60 million points of sale
Robo Advisory and the algorithm for automated cryptocurrency trading
Robo Advisory
Automate crypto buying and selling and compete with professional algorithms
Managing cryptocurrency taxation will be easier
Tax Reporting
We prepare the statement related to your transactions to give to your accountant
Setting up customised notifications on the Young Platform cryptocurrency exchange
Price Alert
Custom notifications on your cryptos whenever they exceed the target price


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