Stay safe from scams

Update your security settings and add additional layers of protection to your account.
Security tips
Our top priority is, and always will be, to protect you and your digital assets. Learn and apply these tips to prevent scams and fraud.

Access your account only from the official website

official and fraudulent URL examples

Never open links sent by SMS

fraudulent SMS text with fraudulent link

Never perform operations on a phone call

screen with incoming call unknown number

Block your account if you think something is wrong.

Where and how
they try to deceive you
Fraudsters use similar communications, generating fear or urgency to obtain information or immediate action, preventing reflection. If you have doubts, take time to double check.
WhatsApp Logo
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Telegram logo
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Instagram logo
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Phone icon
Phone call or text
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E-mail icon
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Facebook logo
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Good habits
to stay safe
Keep your information and finances safe by implementing these solutions now and help prevent attacks on your account.
Habit #1
Use a secure password
Adopt a new and unique password for your account
Habit #2
Set up two-factor authentication
Download an Authenticator app and set up the two-factor authentication
Habit #3
Say no to easy money schemes
Crypto and blockchain are not money multipliers
Habit #4
Look out for spelling mistakes
In both email addresses and URLs, they are red flags
Habit #5
Turn on notifications
We'll alert you to all incoming and outgoing movements
Habit #6
Take your time
Think twice when requests come from strangers
It's time
for practice
Young Platform or any financial institution will never ask you to share your codes or passwords via email, SMS, or read them aloud in a phone call.

Enable notifications to monitor movements on your account

girl with phone reads notification
girl with phone reads notification

Update your account’s security settings

young platform app security section
Keep up to date with the most common scams!
We regularly publish news on Security
Have you been
the victim of a scam?
Your participation is essential for fraud prevention. In the event of suspicious messages, report them to our team who will guide you in dealing with the situation and inform the authorities.
Set up a new password
Check your account movements
Contact our support from the website
Can you defend yourself against scams?
Play the Security Game and put your skills to the test.
Frequently Asked Questions
No, Young Platform never contacts its users to propose the purchase of cryptocurrencies. If you receive a call or message from someone claiming to be Young Platform, never provide your personal details and contact our Team immediately.