Bitcoin gives new power to your money

Plan your financial future with Young Platform. Buy, sell and accumulate Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies on the market.
smartphone with young platform app homepage
smartphone with young platform app homepage

Change perspective, we'll take care of the rest

Young Platform is the perfect place for those who are new to the crypto world. No mystery or puzzle to decipher. It only takes five minutes to conquer what seems impossible.

Create a diversified and robust wallet with the best cryptocurrencies on the market

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and dozens of currencies that hold top global rankings.

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Move your money in seconds the way you want, whenever you want

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No requirements to get started: learn the basics in a flash

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Don't wait for the right moment, create it

Our ultra-simple features help you choose a direction and plan your future step by step.

Create a Moneybox on autopilot: planned and flexible purchases

Converting part of your income into cryptocurrencies has never been easier. Refill your Moneybox on a recurring basis and change the settings whenever you want!

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In the right place at the right time

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Monitor your progress in real time

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Open up your borders with the Young Clubs

Unlock the full potential of your cryptocurrencies. With the Young Clubs you also gain access to benefits, discounts and credits in the Web3 and NFT world.

Join a Club and experience crypto in augmented reality

Fee discounts, market insights, Web3 credits and priority access to new projects and features. All in a Club.

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The European exchange loved by 500K+ users

We look forward to hearing what you think of us and if you need help or information you can find us by email and on social media, our support team is always at your side!

"Although I have never bought crypto, I found the experience very intuitive".

"It allows you to operate with ease and with zero chance of making a mistake".

"Excellent platform, quick and competent assistance when needed."

Trust first

We want to make our industry more transparent to earn your trust. That is why we are a regulated company that complies with all applicable regulations in Europe.

Safe and transparent payments

We choose our partners carefully and rely only on EU banks to ensure traceability and transparency of transactions.

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Specialists in security

We develop cutting-edge solutions to ensure the security of your funds through specialised blockchain intelligence.

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Your privacy is sealed

We comply with GDPR regulations and European data protection and privacy legislation.

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Your knowledge is your capital

Stay motivated and learn to move in an ever-changing world.

Explore Metaverses and NFTs with over 200 free lessons

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Accumulate rewards for each goal achieved

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