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Frequently Asked Questions

What is identity verification?

Identity verification allows us to guarantee the security of your account and to build a regulated platform in accordance with European directives on anti-money laundering. It is also essential for recovering your data should you lose them. It only takes 5 minutes, a government-issued document and a selfie to complete the identity verification or KYC (Know Your Customer). This way, you can get your personal account up and running, just like a bank account.

How do I deposit funds to buy cryptocurrencies?

From the Euro Wallet section, deposit with a bank transfer. If you are in Italy or have an Italian bank account you’ll have more options. The bank account you transfer from and to must be in your name. If you want to withdraw funds to your bank account, first sell your cryptocurrencies and then make a transfer directly from Young Platform.

How are my cryptocurrencies stored?

Your Young Platform account includes a digital wallet for each cryptocurrency you own. With this custody service you can easily transfer your cryptocurrencies from any type of cryptocurrency wallet. We also keep around 85% of our customers' assets safe on wallets that are not connected to the internet (cold wallets).

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