FAQs on Trading Fees

What are fees on Young Platform, why they are charged and how to get discounts.


  • What fees are applied by Young Platform?

  • How can fees be reduced on Young Platform?

  • If I activate a discount on Young Platform is it also valid on Young Platform Pro?

  • What are transaction fees?


  • What are the euro deposit fees?

  • Are there any fees for depositing cryptos?

Buying, Selling and Conversion

  • What are the fees for recurring purchases of Moneyboxes?

  • What are the fees for buying and selling cryptocurrencies?

  • Are there any fixed costs for keeping your money or cryptocurrencies on Young Platform?


  • What fees are applied to Euro withdrawals?

  • What are the fees for withdrawing cryptocurrencies?

  • What is the minimum amount for cryptocurrency withdrawals?

  • Are there fees for sending crypto from one Young Platform wallet to another Young Platform wallet?

  • What are the crypto withdrawal fees?

  • Can crypto withdrawal fees change?

  • What is the minimum amount for Euro withdrawals?

  • What are the Euro withdrawal fees?


  • On which transactions are discounts applied?

  • Can I get YNGs for free?

  • Where can I buy YNG tokens to join the clubs and get fee discounts?

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