All the terms from the world of Cryptocurrencies that help you understand the topics better and allow you to start trading with confidence.

Bear Market

A market phase characterised by price lows.

Bear Trap

In a bullish market, a Bear Trap is a downward price movement that can confuse investors.


A standard for measuring the performance of a financial instrument or market.

Bid and Ask

In the order book, these are the prices at which an asset is offered or demanded.


The longest-lived cryptocurrency on the market and the first application of blockchain.

Bitcoin Dominance

The percentage ratio between Bitcoin's market cap and that of the entire crypto market.

Black Swan Event

An unexpected event that has a significant effect.


The set of encrypted transactions that, connected to other blocks, makes up a blockchain.

Block Height

The number of blocks in a blockchain starting from the genesis block.


A technology based on cryptography that enables decentralised and uncensored execution of any type of transaction.

Blockchain Explorer

Software that allows users to view all transactions and data exchanged on a given blockchain.


A process in which cryptocurrencies are blocked as a form of commitment to obtain benefits or the right to perform certain activities in a network.

Break-Even point

The balance point between losses and gains, income and expenditure.


In a price chart, the breaking of a resistance or support leading to an increase in volatility and trading volumes.


In blockchain technology, it is a connection that allows interaction between different blockchains.

Bull Market

A market where there is an upward price trend

Bull Run

Market phase characterised by a bullish trend, associated with positive investor sentiment.

Bull Trap

In a bearish market, a bull trap is an upward price movement that, like a trap, can be deceptive.

Buy Wall and Sell Wall

High number of purchases or sales demanded at a certain price.


US government agency that regulates securities markets.

Satoshi Nakamoto

The pseudonym of the creator or group of Bitcoin developers. Their true identity is unknown and they no longer have an online presence.


How much an asset is available and consequently how much value it has.

Seed phrase

Sequence of 12 or 24 words used to retrieve access to a wallet.


Fragments' of blockchain operating in parallel.


The difference between the execution price of an order and the price entered in the order.

Smart Contract

An agreement in digital form that allows actions to be triggered automatically if certain conditions are met.


Cryptocurrencies pegged to the price of a stable asset such as a fiat currency or precious metal.


Total amount of cryptocurrency being staked


Depositing and holding cryptocurrencies on certain blockchains to obtain cryptocurrency incentives.

Staking Derivative

Derivatives of staking systems whose value depends on the performance of the staked native tokens and the amount of rewards issued by the network

Staking Pool

The joint staking of several people's cryptocurrencies with the aim to increase the rewards

Stop Order

A trading order that allows you to set a price at which another order is triggered.

Supply and demand

In economics, supply and demand correspond to the two main market variables and describe the behaviour of those who buy and sell goods or services.

Support and resistance

Support and resistance are two technical analysis tools used to monitor the price trend of an asset.


The conversion of tokens into other tokens on a decentralised exchange.