In the cryptocurrency and decentralised exchange universe, Automated Market Makers (AMM) represent an innovative solution to overcome the challenge of liquidity scarcity. These systems, fundamental to many decentralised exchanges, play a crucial role in facilitating transactions in an environment that does not rely on any intermediaries.

AMMs are a series of smart contracts designed to automate the market-making process. They use a specific algorithm to determine the prices of assets independently. This pricing approach is based on a mathematical formula considering the ratio between cryptocurrency pairs in their respective liquidity pools.

Liquidity pools, in this context, are vital. They are repositories of tokens deposited by users, providing the necessary liquidity to execute buy and sell orders. Users who deposit their assets in liquidity pools are often incentivised with rewards such as a portion of the transaction fees. This mechanism addresses the issue of liquidity scarcity and promotes a more democratic and decentralised ecosystem.

A significant advantage of AMMs is their ability to provide continuous liquidity. Unlike traditional markets, where liquidity can vary significantly and depend on the presence of buyers and sellers, AMMs ensure that there is always the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies. This is particularly beneficial in a market that operates 24/7.

Moreover, AMMs lower the barriers to entry for users wishing to participate in crypto exchanges. There is no need for deep market knowledge or access to insider information, as is often the case with traditional trading.

In conclusion, Automated Market Makers are a critical component in the DeFi ecosystem, revolutionising how cryptocurrency exchanges are executed. Through algorithms and liquidity pools, AMMs offer an efficient solution to this longstanding problem, further democratising access to the world of cryptocurrencies.

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