An Airdrop consists of the free distribution of tokens in exchange for an action by the user, with the aim of creating a loyal community. It is in fact a marketing strategy, aimed at raising awareness of a crypto project and may involve actions by users in exchange for a reward. Airdrop methods vary depending on the project, but generally consist of distributing small amounts of tokens to a set of wallets.

Born in conjunction with ICOs in 2017, different types of Airdrop have been showcased over time. Bounty Airdrops require a manual action for the user to complete. Exclusive Airdrops send tokens to a selected number of wallets. Holder Airdrops, on the other hand, grant free tokens to anyone holding a number of specific currencies in their wallet. 

In all cases, an Airdrop serves to increase the distribution of tokens by incentivising their decentralisation. The risk, however, is that the project only grows in terms of numbers, without actually being supported by an active community. 

Through the Club mechanism, Young Platform encourages participation in safe Airdrops. To benefit from a higher reward, the requirement is to belong to a Club (either Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum), therefore holding a certain number of YNG tokens. This way, the Young Platform community becomes an active part of the ecosystem, with tangible benefits on participation. 

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US government agency that regulates securities markets.


A whitelist (or allowlist) in the blockchain sector is a list of addresses that have early access to an ICO or NFT collection.

Total Supply

Total supply is the quantity of tokens emitted by a crypto project.


The inclusion of a token or cryptocurrency within an exchange’s market.

Young Club

Young Platform’s clubs allow for access to benefits and discounts.

Utility Token

Utility tokens are cryptocurrencies that enable exchanges of services, benefits or functions within a crypto ecosystem.

Token YNG

Young (YNG) is the Utility Token at the heart of the entire Young Platform ecosystem.


An economic model that regulates the distribution and use of a project's cryptocurrency.


How much an asset is available and consequently how much value it has.


Una rete peer-to-peer permette agli utenti di scambiare dati senza intermediari.


A Non-Fungible Token is a unique asset registered on the blockchain.


How easy it is to convert a cryptocurrency or financial instrument into fiat money or the base currency.


The gradual increase in the prices of a market or currency.


An event hosted by an exchange where a newly created cryptocurrency is sold to distribute it on the market and promote it.


An event where a newly created cryptocurrency is sold to distribute it on the market and promote it.


It is the property of a means of payment to be divisible into equal parts to facilitate the exchange of goods.


Do Your Own Research, don't just take any information from one source at face value.


Removing a cryptocurrency from an exchange's offering.


Online fundraising open to anyone.

Coin Burning

A way to remove cryptocurrency units from the circulating supply.


A verification process that ensures the correct functioning of software.

Black Swan Event

An unexpected event that has a significant effect.

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