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What is Young (YNG)? 

YNG is Young Platform’s official token, founded in 2018. The YNG token drives the Young Platform exchange ecosystem’s core activities. Before its arrival on the crypto market, the YNG token has been mainly distributed through an airdrop on the Young Platform Step app. Step users can earn YNG digital coins by walking and completing challenges, games and quizzes. 

Why buy Young token (YNG)? 

Listed in May 2022, the new Italian token grants access to various services within the Young Platform ecosystem; owning a certain number of YNG tokens grants entry to Clubs. Club membership benefits range from increased earning feature rewards to lower fees and higher airdrop rewards. However, Young is much more than a token – buying the YNG utility token means being part of one of the most important crypto communities in Europe. In fact, YNG enables exclusive activities and experiences that bridge the gap between the exchange and its users. 

The total token supply is 100 million. To date, there are approximately 12 million YNG in circulation, distributed among the investors of the 2019 crowdfunding campaign, the advisors who have contributed to the growth of the company since its inception, Step users, and people who have bought YNG on the exchange. 63% of the supply will be distributed over time through the Young Platform ecosystem features. 

YNG’s nature remains faithful to Young Platform’s main mission, that is, to introduce people to the world of cryptocurrencies through an educational path. The gamification and interactions between real life and the digital world enable crypto novices to gain an understanding and awareness of the blockchain. The YNG token unites an entire community of enthusiasts and newbies through its product ecosystem, beginning with the Academy and its educational content, to Step’s self-improvement features, and ending with the exchange, where users can put into practice the knowledge they have gained. 

How was it created?

The YNG token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and complies with the ERC-20 standard. The idea was born in 2018 by six IT students who founded the Young Platform Step app together and designed its reward system. The company was then brought under i3P, the Politecnico di Torino start-up incubator. In 2021, Young Platform was awarded a 3.5 million investment from United Ventures, effectively turning into one of the most important Italian crypto companies. The Young digital coin (YNG) was intended right from the very start as Young Platform user’s development pathway, a journey made together to use the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies with awareness. 

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What does the Young Platform do?

Young Platform is the European exchange that blends simplicity with security, already chosen by over 2 million people for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Backed by significant entities such as Azimut, United Ventures, and Banca Sella, Young Platform eases your entry into the world of cryptocurrencies with a user-friendly interface, easy-to-use trading tools, educational courses, and up-to-date news, all designed to be accessible to everyone. And the best part? It's completely free.

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