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What is Stellar ?

Stellar is in a way Ripple's half-sister. Both created by Jed McCaleb, Stellar is not intended to be a direct payment method, but an intermediary in the conversion of currencies. Thanks to Stellar, you can send a traditional currency from one part of the world to another via the blockchain with a complex tokenisation system. Its technology is truly innovative and has an immediate impact on the real world, especially for countries where access to the financial system is virtually non-existent.

Why buy Stellar ?

Lumen is the cryptocurrency of the Stellar blockchain. It is used as an 'anti-spam' tool. The use of XML in transactions helps protect the network by preventing malicious actors from flooding it with a DoS attack. On the other hand, all accounts require a minimum balance of 0.5 XML. Therefore, users are pushed to keep the blockchain clean by deleting inactive accounts. This makes all accounts using the Stellar network economically useful.

How to buy Stellar ?

Choose XLM, created to allow the free circulation of any global currency in a very cheap and fast way. Follow these 3 simple steps.

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