Young Monday: Muse’s NFT album, Cardano’s Vasil update, Sorare and the NBA

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Muse’s NFT album, Cardano’s Vasil update, Sorare and the NBA

Muse’s NFT album ‘Will Of The People’, Cardano’s Vasil update and how Sorare’s NBA cards work

Music and sport take the spotlight again in this edition of Young Monday! Muse smashes the competition with their NFT album ‘Will Of The People’. Cardano confirms that the Vasil update will take place on the 22nd of September 2022, and Sorare becomes the platform for fantasy basketball by announcing a partnership with the NBA. Find out how to play Sorare NBA in this article!

Muse’s NFT album Will of the people tops the world charts!

Muse are breaking records with their new NFT album: Will of the people. One week after its release date at the end of August, Muse sold 51,500 copies of the album. This is more than the sum of all sales of other albums in the UK top 10. Of these 50,000 copies, 1,000 were sold as NFTs. The sales of NFT albums took place on Serenade, an application for the sale of non-fungible tokens that relies on Ethereum’s Layer 2 blockchain, Polygon. The available NFT copies sold out within 25 minutes. What happened is a real record as far as the world of Web3 music is concerned. But what is meant exactly by musical NFTs?

NFTs are a technology that is now beginning to express their full potential in the world of music, which is why musical NFTs are spreading. This type of non-fungible token can take different forms. They can be associated with songs, concert tickets or much more. In the case of ‘Will Of The People’, the British artists decided to sell an NFT package including all tracks of the new album in a high-quality audio format called FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). This audio format was chosen because the files undergo less compression, only about 50 percent, and consequently provide the listener with higher sound quality.

The NFTs of Muse’s album, however, are not only audio files but also pictures. They are also limited edition covers autographed by the band. But how can you buy Muse’s album NFTs? Although the NFTs sold out in a very short time, it is still possible to buy them on secondary markets! The collection is in fact available on OpenSea. However, the price is much higher than it was at the time of release. The first 1,000 purchasers only paid $20. Now, the current price is about 0.17 ETH or almost 300$. Has the time come to say goodbye to the idea of music collecting to which we are accustomed? Instead of huge libraries full of vinyls and CDs, a crypto wallet might be enough in the future!

Time for Cardano to upgrade: 22 September hard fork!

Following the example of Ethereum, with which it shares one of its founders Charles Hoskinson, the Cardano blockchain is ready to make the long-awaited Vasil update! The release date has been set for the 22nd of September 2022. The update is the cornerstone of the fourth phase of Cardano’s life cycle called Basho, dedicated to scalability. For now, there are five phases in the roadmap, all named after artists, writers and intellectuals. Byron, Shelley, Goguen have all been successfully executed. Now only Basho and Voltaire are missing.

The Vasil update aims to increase the speed and cost-effectiveness of transactions on the network so as to increase the number of users interacting with the blockchain and the number of developers ready to create new ecosystems. It is precisely because of the latter goal that Vasil will also update the Plutus programming language. The Cardano team expects a network increasingly populated by NFT collections, metaverses and play-to-earn games.

Playing with NBA champions on Sorare

September marks the start of a new season for fantasy football. Have you already prepared your squad? What better time to talk about the unique and inimitable crypto fantasy football platform Sorare. The game that is based on player’s cards will no longer just be a crypto fantasy football, but will soon also become a fantasy basketball platform too!

On Wednesday, the 7th of September 2022, the Ethereum platform announced on Twitter a partnership with the world’s most famous basketball league: the NBA. Basketball fans, it’s your time to shine! Challenge your friends by creating an unbeatable team. But how does Sorare NBA work? For now, information is still scarce. However, according to rumours, the Sorare variant will be the equivalent of the football version. Sorare is a play-to-earn NFT game on the Ethereum blockchain in which users must create a football team through NFT cards and compete against each other for prizes. Soon you will be able to become the general manager of an NBA franchise, field the cards of your champions and win your first NBA ring. If you don’t want to arrive unprepared, check out this guide to learn how to play Sorare and secure an advantage over your opponents!

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