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Even in December, card deposits cost you less!

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Promo: Reduced Fees for November!

Following the success of Moonvember, we’ve decided to end the year with a bang! But what makes the Christmas month even more special? The fees for card deposits on Young Platform remain discounted, making the last purchases of the year incredibly convenient!

Reduced fees for card deposits

Also in December, Young Platform provides its users with a chance to take advantage of decreased deposit fees, enhancing the accessibility of purchasing and trading crypto.

Previously, card deposit fees on Young Platform stood at 2.2% + €0.25 as a fixed cost.

However, with this exclusive promotion, fees have been reduced to 1.89% + €0.25, resulting in substantial savings with each deposit you make on the platform.

How to make the most of this promotion

Following the notable surges in Uptober and Moonvember, it’s crucial to reassess your strategy as we enter the prolonged winter of the bear market and contemplate necessary adjustments. The ever-present menace of FOMO is well-known, so how can it be mitigated?

One approach is to employ tools that help us “switch off” these emotional responses, enabling more reasoned decision-making. An effective strategy is recurring purchases, which prevents hasty purchases driven by the fear of missing out on the following price swing or overreacting to market fluctuations.

With recurring purchases, you can establish a regular plan to set aside a percentage of your income in cryptocurrencies, averaging the purchase price over time. This approach helps to reduce the impact of immediate price variations and get the most value from your purchases in the long run. In other words, dollar-cost averaging helps you remain rational and disciplined in a highly volatile market, leveraging a well-considered long-term strategy.

The special discount on card deposit fees further enhances the benefits of creating a BTC Moneybox using this deposit method. If you’re already a member of a Club on Young Platform, you can even enjoy additional discounts.

The Perfect Christmas Gift 

This year, place something different under the Christmas tree: Young Platform’s gift cards. Your friends will have the opportunity to experience the cryptocurrency market firsthand and see how their purchases evolve. Who knows, they might discover a new passion or even become experts! And they don’t need to be a finance guru to get started: gift cards are a simple and safe way to take the first step in this world.

Giving a gift card means sharing an adventure in innovation and, who knows, maybe your friends will thank you in a few years for introducing them to this exciting reality. So, what do you say, ready to give a gift that could change how your friends view the financial world? What better opportunity than to take advantage of the discounts on card deposits?

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The Halving Countdown Has Begun

Have you ever contemplated purchasing Bitcoin multiple times but consistently postponed it? Perhaps due to the concern that it might be too late? Now might be the opportune moment to take action. As Cameron Winklevoss, one of the renowned Winklevoss twins, aptly reminds us, “The window for acquiring Bitcoin before its integration into conventional exchanges is closing.” Cryptocurrencies, which have aroused institutional interest, are evolving into an increasingly intricate asset class offered by major banks and financial institutions.

This is why, amidst price rallies, the approaching halving event, and institutions knocking at the door, we’ve created this November promotion, offering you the chance to navigate this market phase with greater confidence and success.

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