Campaign Target Reached (NOW OVERFUNDING) and Weekly Winners (Week 24)

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The campaign target has been reached in less than 48 hours but the crowdfunding is still open!

Young Platform is proud to have reached its investment target (500,000 Euro) in less than 48h!

Over 285 investors trusted and believed in us, allowing us to raise over 500,000 Euro in less than 2 days!

An unbelievable outcome, and it’s all because of you!

Thanks to these funds, we’ll be able to speed up the development of our exchange.

This is not all: given the huge amount of requests, we decided to keep our fundraising open (this means we are in the OVERFUNDING phase)

In addition, to give thanks to everyone who believed in us, we intend to gift each investor with an extra 10% of YOUNG tokens, if we were to reach the next target, set to €750,000.

What does this mean exactly?

If, for instance, you invested €1,000, besides holding 100 shares of Young Platform, you already received 1000 Young tokens (YNG): if the campaign were to reach the new target of 750,000 Euro, you’ll be credited with an extra 10% of the investment (which is 100 Young).

So, at the end of the campaign, you’ll end up with 100 shares and a total of 1100 Young tokens! (still, if the campaign were to reach the total target of 750,000 Euro).

Once again, thank you to everyone in our Young Community, we are happy and proud to have a team like you to support and advise us on this journey.

How can I invest in Young Platform?

To invest in our equity crowdfunding campaign, follow this link:

To receive more info, write to

Here are the winners of our weekly contest (Week 24) and their prizes in Young:

  1. Celestino Marini (20.00 YNG)
  2. Fabio Demicheli (13.33 YNG)
  3. Miguel Arteaga (8.89 YNG)
  4. Fabrizio Oliva (5.93 YNG)
  5. Donatella Maugeri (3.95 YNG)
  6. Sara Testa (2.00 YNG)
  7. Vince 1 (2.00 YNG)
  8. Nicola Ramella (2.00 YNG)
  9. Raul Pigliapoco (2.00 YNG)
  10. Rocco Morea (2.00 YNG)

Every Sunday at midnight the ranking will be reset, but the YOUNG (YNG) you collected during the week are always going to stay in your Wallet.

Thank you for your participation in our contest!

Keep on walking to earn YOUNG and move up the ranks!

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