‘This Christmas, save their future’ with Save the Children and Young Platform

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Young Platform and Save the Children Italy: 'This Christmas, save their future'

A partnership between Young Platform and Save the Children kicks off to facilitate crypto donations and help children in Italy and around the world

  • The organisation chose the Italian exchange community leader’s platform to open a wallet;
  • Users can send Bitcoin, Ether or other cryptos to support Save the Children projects;
  • The collaboration will be ongoing and will continue after the Christmas campaign.

Turin, the 21st of December 2022 – Bringing immediate support to where it is most needed, taking advantage of the security and speed of blockchain, helping families and children who, even during Christmas, will have to face hunger and the cold of winter. These are the objectives of the partnership that Young Platform has entered into with Save the Children Italia. This charity is an international organisation that has been fighting for over 100 years to save the lives of girls and boys in order to guarantee them a future. The partnership will enable anyone to use cryptos and donate to the organisation, which is present in over 120 countries worldwide.

Save the Children was the first international organisation ever to accept a Bitcoin donation in 2013. The goal was to raise funds and take action in response to the dramatic aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan that struck south-east Asia, devastating the Philippines. Now, Save the Children Italy has chosen Young Platform to open a wallet, by virtue of the scrupulous regulatory compliance of the Italian exchange community leader (over one million members  in terms of tax issues, anti-money laundering procedures as well as KYC.

To donate, all you need to do is hold a crypto wallet, even on other exchanges. Connect to the appropriate webpage (, scan the QR Code or copy the address of the Save the Children wallet indicated to send the desired amount of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Pow, Tether, Cardano ADA, Polygon, Tezos or USDC. The donation will be converted into fiat currency, to protect the amount from possible crypto market fluctuations. It will then be used to provide protection and immediate aid in areas affected by humanitarian emergencies.

Worldwide, some 774 million children – one third of the world’s child population – experience the dual impact of poverty and climate risk.. Every year globally, 1 million children under the age of five die from malnutrition. Moreover, children living in conflict zones are more than twice as likely to suffer from malnutrition as children living in countries at peace.

Vulnerable children often lack everything, from drinking water to food and psychological support to regain their lost serenity. This is also why the collaboration between Young Platform and Save the Children will continue after the current Christmas campaign, for all crypto collections.

Young Platform reconfirms its commitment to social issues, following its past collaborations with Dynamo Camp, the Italian Red Cross and Helperbit, in similar campaigns. On the other hand, Save the Children is increasingly looking to the Web3 community, having launched the #CryptoArt4Children project last spring to donate the proceeds from the sale of NFT works created by crypto-artists to support children and families affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

“Blockchain is unfortunately still a technology that is often misunderstood on many levels. However, leaders and vanguards throughout the world, such as Save the Children among other organisations, have immediately understood its potential for the best purposes,” explains Andrea Ferrero, CEO of Young Platform. With this partnership we are happy to be able to do our part by providing the means and technological support to anyone who wants to use cryptocurrencies to make a donation and help children in areas facing humanitarian crises due to conflict, extreme weather events or an economic crisis For this reason, we at Young Platform do not want to limit ourselves to an occasional initiative. We will stay ‘in the field’ together with Save the Children, hoping that this will be the beginning of a long collaboration between our two organisations. .

Save the Children has always been an organisation open to change, looking for new ways to respond to the needs of children,” – says Lorenzo Catapano, head of Innovation, Digital Technology & Data at Save the Children Italia – “We think that at the stage Web3 is at today, understanding and experiencing it is the best way to be part of it.  We decided to do this together with Young Platform, an Italian business extremely attentive to young people and to the positive impact of new technologies. On the occasion of Christmas we want to invite the Young community to be at the side of children, to build a better future for them.”

Help them with Save the Children
Help them with Save the Children

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