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1inch (1INCH) lands on Young Platform Pro!

Anna Perozzi

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You can now buy, sell and store 1inch on Young Platform Pro!

What is 1inch?

1inch is a decentralised exchange aggregator, which is a kind of search engine that finds the lowest cryptocurrency prices to enable convenient trades for traders.

1inch also offers a yield farming feature, that allows to stake cryptocurrencies and receive regular rewards.

1inch is backed by a Foundation and its network is governed by a DAO, which is a fully decentralised and automated organisation.


How does 1INCH work?

1INCH is the governance token, which means that by staking your 1INCH tokens you can participate in votes regarding the functioning of the network. In addition, it can be used in Yield farming features to obtain regular rewards.


Why has Young Platform decided to list it?

1inch is one of those projects that the DeFi industry has been waiting for and needs. It is the first decentralised exchange aggregator on the market and offers state-of-the-art functionalities.


Available pairs?

On Young Platform Pro you can buy and sell 1inch with the following pair:



Want to know more?

Read our article on 1inch on the Young Academy!


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