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What is Crowdfunding?

Anna Perozzi

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Choose to invest in crowdfunding and join the Young Platform’s community of investors.

Equity crowdfunding is an investment method available to everyone.
It allows the financing of innovative start-ups through an online platform, by depositing any amount of money (starting from 10 €) in exchange for a number of shares of the chosen venture.

Choosing to invest in equity crowdfunding means betting on innovative businesses, on an idea or project you believe in and contributing to its realisation. In exchange for the invested money, the firm gives up part of its capital, which means becoming one of its shareholders.

If the business you invested in achieves success, the shares you bought will generate a profit proportionally to your investment. Otherwise, you can choose to resell your shares to a third party.

Why invest in crowdfunding?

No project achieves success without a strong team behind it. This is why a community of investors is the greatest asset for any start-up. To believe in an idea together is the first step towards its fulfillment. Thanks to its own community, Young Platform managed to close two financing rounds and it is able to continue with its project.

Why become a shareholder?

Those who joined the community early-on made it possible for us to achieve all the small and great successes, which helped Young Platform go from being a project by six students of Turin’s Politecnico, to a company with a London office at Level 39.

Now is the right time to join Young Platform in quality of shareholders. This is the best phase of its history, the moment in which everything becomes reality and Young Platform is going to be finally launched on the market.


We are a 100% community-driven start-up: we created a community based on trust, our business model is confirmed by thousands of users, and we pay attention to the feedback we receive on a daily basis.


Our business model is replicable within other markets, as proven by the opening of three offices in three European countries within only 12 months of operation. Young Platform is quickly growing and soon it will establish its presence on the market thanks to the investment platform “Seedrs”.

Business Opportunity

Young has created a revolutionary product that is adaptable to any company: Step. After only 4 months it reached 50,000 downloads.

How can I invest?

Young Platform is already live on Seedrs with its first equity crowdfunding campaign

If you have any more questions, write directly to [email protected]m

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