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Buying Render (RNDR) is available now!

Filippo Iachello

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Render Network (RNDR) available on Young Platform

Starting today, you can buy a new cryptocurrency on Young Platform: learn about Render (RNDR)!

From now on, you can buy, sell, and store RNDR on Young Platform! Learn how this innovative project works and what the token is used for to decide if it’s right for you!

Render: everything you need to know

Render Network is a unique protocol in its field, as well as one of the fastest-growing blockchain platforms currently.

It is built on Ethereum and leverages blockchain technology to democratise access to the necessary resources, predominantly graphics cards (GPU), for content rendering.

RNDR serves both as a utility and a governance token: it is essential for accessing the platform’s decentralised rendering service as well as for participating in voting on the future of the protocol.

The project, created in 2017 by Jules Urbach, then CEO of OTOY, a company specialising in rendering and computer graphics, stems from an ambitious idea: to use blockchain technology to revolutionise graphic rendering.

Want to learn more? Dive deeper into Render Network on Academy!

How to use RNDR on Young Platform

Here are all the features available for Render (RNDR) on Young Platform and Young Platform Pro:

  • Buying and selling with EUR
  • Recurring purchase
  • Deposit from another wallet or send through the Ethereum network
  • Creating a Single Currency or Custom Moneybox

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