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The Recurring Purchase is now on Young Platform

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How does the Recurring Purchase work?

Recurring purchasing helps you constantly set aside the cryptocurrencies you believe in the most.

You can activate a recurring purchase to:

  • The Spot Wallet, the one you use to buy, sell and convert cryptocurrencies.

Or to

  • The Moneybox, the one you use to hold your cryptocurrencies for the medium to long term

👉 The minimum amount for recurring purchases is €25.

What is the Recurring Purchase for?

This feature has been requested by many users who wish to regularly set aside highly capitalised cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, without having to worry about making purchases manually.

Follow the official guide to get started!

Some tips on Payment Methods and Fees

Recurring purchase can currently be set to once a week, twice a month or once a month.

When setting up recurring purchase, you will be asked which payment method to use.

You can choose to make the purchase via your Euro Wallet or by linking your payment card (only for Italian residents).

  • If you have chosen payment card, the fees are: 2.2%+ € 0.25 (for deposit) + 2.5% (for purchase).
  • If you have chosen the Euro Wallet of your Young Platform account, the fees are 2.5% (purchase only)

👉 If you decide to use the Euro Wallet, you will of course need to have enough money to make recurring purchases. In order to keep your Euro supply constant you can:

  • Upload in advance all the money you want to spend in the coming months with a single transfer
  • Set up an automatic transfer from your bank to the iban provided by Young Platform (warning: not all banks offer this service)

👉 To permanently halve the purchase fee of 2.5%, you can buy 5000 YNG and hold it in your YNG Wallet.

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