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Discover what YNG is, Young Platform’s community token!

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The Young Platform token can be purchased in advance thanks to the Community Sale. Find out what YNG is and how it works!

We’re excited to introduce YNG, Young Platform’s token! With our Community Sale, we want to give you the chance to buy the token in advance, before the official launch. What’s the advantage of the pre-sale? To reward those who have always believed our exchange, you’ll get up to 15% cashback during the Community Sale. All without commissions! What’s more, for the duration of the Community Sale, the token price will remain locked at 24 cents. Find out what YNG is and how it works!

A token compatible with Ethereum

A token is a based on a blockchain external to the project that developed it. This means that Young Platform does not have its own blockchain, but has decided to create its YNG token on Ethereum, using its ERC-20 standard. Ethereum is one of the longest-running and most famous blockchains in the crypto world, and is used extensively for the creation of new tokens. The ERC-20 standard is among the most secure and widely used, and is the protocol of choice for cryptocurrencies of all types such as Chainlink, Tether and BAT. One of the features of the YNG token is therefore its compatibility with Ethereum! 

A community-token for a community-driven project

One of the cornerstones of Young Platform is its focus on the community. Thanks to YNG, everyone can enter the world of blockchain! The token allows you to not only be a passive spectator of the crypto world, but to become part of a technological ecosystem that is developing right now, before our eyes. You can earn rewards in YNG by studying and testing your knowledge on Young Platform Step, or you can unleash your inner trader by trading the token on our exchanges. Or you can enjoy exclusive bonuses reserved for those who block a certain number of YNG tokens in their Wallet. Whichever path you choose, with YNG you’ll have front row seats to watch this technological revolution with like-minded people!

Not only for expert traders!

After the end of the Community Sale, the official YNG listing will follow. What does this mean? It means you can unleash your inner trader and trade the Young token just like you trade Bitcoin and Ethereum! The price will no longer be locked at 24 cents but will be decided by the market, so take advantage of the cashback and fixed price to get a head start. Even if you’re new to trading, you’ll find the Young Platform services to be as simple and intuitive as you need to get started. 

But the news about the Young (YNG) token doesn’t end there. Buying and locking YNG will provide you with fantastic benefits to give you a tailor-made experience in the crypto world. Want to know more? All will be revealed tomorrow!

In summary, the YNG token reflects all the characteristics and ideals of Young Platform. The search for proven and reliable technologies, such as Ethereum, to promote a secure and certified experience. The focus on ensuring straightforward and no-nonsense services, to learn crypto by going straight to the point. But above all, the centrality of the community and the desire to reward its loyalty!

Now that you know what the YNG token is and how it works, why not be one of the first to join us in the Community Sale? Share your passion for cryptocurrencies and join Young Platform!

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