Young Platform at the Lisbon Web Summit: the journey continues

Anna Perozzi

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Lancement de l'échange au Lisbon Web Summit

In Lisbon to present the exchange Young Platform and talk about the future of blockchain.

Young Platform had the pleasure and the honor to attend the 2019 edition of the Lisbon Web Summit, the most important event dedicated to technology and startups in the world.

The numbers are impressive: during these 4 days (from 4 to 7 November) more than 70,000 people participated, including 1,500 investors and 2,000 journalists.

As far as the Young Team is concerned, CEO Andrea Ferrero, COO Alexandru Stefan Gheban, CTO Samuele Raimondo, CMO Diego D’Aquilio, Innovation Manager Alessandro Perillo and our Advisor Mariano Carozzi attended the event.

It was an indescribable emotion for us to be able to present our flagship product: the exchange Young Platform, with which you can buy and sell the main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in a simple, fast and secure way.

During these 4 days we have been able to exchange views with startups, entrepreneurs, investors and visitors from all over the world who gave us their feedback on our project.

On the opening night, we were impressed by Edward Snowden’s speech live from Russia that made us further understand how much a new phase of the web is needed (the so-called Web 3.0) of which the blockchain will be the backbone technology.

While speaking with the fintech market leaders (including Revolut and eToro) we established that the financial market is in great difficulty and that the “traditional” players will have to completely reinvent themselves if they want to survive.

The organisation of the event was quite impressive: hundreds of volunteers from all over the world helped make this experience memorable, also by making life easier for all of us exhibitors.

Ultimately, we can say that the Web Summit is an actual experience, and not just an event, from which we return motivated to achieve all the ambitious goals we have set for ourselves, starting with the official launch of our exchange Young Platform.

See you next year, Lisbon

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