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Post your steps during the day, collect points and win medical services!

Are you out with your four-legged friend? Are you shopping through the streets of the city centre? Or are you a marathon runner training? Walking is a daily gesture that can help maintain our health, but we are often unaware of it.

This is why, with the Mauriziano Hospital in Turin, we are creating an app to help people with cardiovascular problems, based on the simple act of walking.

Collaborate with us on the project to help us win the “La prevenzione scorre” (“prevention runs”) contest.

Only by winning the contest will we be able to create the app!

How to help us

Post on Facebook a photo of the km/miles covered during the day (for example with a screenshot of the Health app) and remember to insert the tag of the initiative @la prevenzione scorre, the hashtag #scorre18 and the movement mode: #bike or #foot

The project

Walking is an activity that is good for cardiovascular health and it is less practiced by those who need it most. An American study on 30,000 subjects indicates the activity of walking is less practiced among those with risk factors (obesity, diabetes / dyslipidaemia, hypertension) or suffering from cardiovascular disease.

To encourage people to change their lifestyle, we have devised a strategy that is based on rewarding the steps taken during the day. The steps are calculated by a free App, “MindStep”, which updates the results in real time, shows the history of your progress, creates a ranking of the most active “walkers” and converts the amount of steps collected into points that you can spend in health bonuses.

A simple walk can, for instance, give access to a cardiological and nutritional counselling aimed at prevention, or athletic and osteopathic therapy to correct and prevent activity-limiting disorders, or a workshop in breathing techniques and autonomous training.

Thanks to the App, people can have the increased perception that even a simple daily gesture like walking translates into a real gain in health and savings for medical examinations, as well as an effective method of prevention.

We want to promote interactive, new and informed health education. In this way, the health programme becomes an extended educational tool that provides handy examples, testimonials, and reminders of virtuous behaviour through push notifications, verification of the strategic detail of one’s lifestyle and video-recordings of the breathing techniques taught during the autonomous training day. Combined with the game-like functionality of the App and sharing on social networks, this supports those who start to change their lifestyle and rewards those who are already active, encouraging them to do well and feel better.

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