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Young Platform’s community runs on social networks, let’s keep in touch

Some of you have been with Young since the beginning, when there were only 7 of us in an apartment on the outskirts of Turin. Others arrived thanks to word of mouth and brought some novelty to our community. Finally, new users arrived: people we met around the world at crypto and blockchain events, enthusiastic young university students or, simply, Apple Store and Google Play argonauts.

What hasn’t changed, is the time we spend together on our official social networks, channels we use to tell the buzz of our offices, discuss about product functionality, keep you updated with selected content and sometimes leave the floor to the mentors who guide us in our exploration of this world.

Follow us on our daily adventure!

Telegram: discover what we’re brewing up, ask for technical support and share your ideas with the team and other members of the community. (If you’re Italian, here’s Telegram  for our Italian community)

Instagram: unmissable curiosities and Live streams with the great pioneers of the Crypto world

Linkedin: the space for Young’s Senior Advisors, conferences and events around the world

Twitter: the great network of those who work on innovation in Italy and collaborate with us

Facebook: videos, interviews and the latest Academy releases

Disclaimer: The team will never ask you for your personal information, email or password to access your account. Beware of those who do so in order not to compromise the security of your cryptocurrency.

The Young Team

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