The new all-time high for Bitcoin!

Jacqueline Nieder

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Bitcoin all-time high

Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high, surpassing $71,000. What are the three leading causes?

Bitcoin has officially recorded a new all-time high (ATH). A few minutes ago, it hit the $71,627 level.

This term describes the maximum value Bitcoin touches or, in general, any asset. What has happened in recent weeks is anomalous. Bitcoin has never reached a new all-time high before halving during past cycles, coming in less than fifty days.

How is it possible that Bitcoin has now reached this new record high? Given that a year ago, its value was more than three times lower than it is today. Here are the three main reasons

Bitcoin’s historical high: the causes

Identifying all the causes of Bitcoin’s unexpected all-time high is a daunting challenge. While it is much easier to find the main ones, the question to build on to understand the economic context in which to place the crypto’s recent bullish rally is: Why did Bitcoin record a new all-time high? And more importantly, why did it reach this milestone before the next halving?

  1. The approval of spot ETFs

The first reason is apparent. From 11 January onwards, Bitcoin has entered the Olympus of assets. The approval of spot ETFs by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has incredibly boosted the crypto’s status, making it attractive even to those who have not delved into its technology. Most institutional investors, historically antagonistic to BTC, have re-evaluated it and finally understand its potential. 

However, if we analyse what has happened from an economic point of view, the situation is even more evident. Right now, there is an imbalance between supply and demand, which favours the former. Thanks to their ETFs, funds are buying vast amounts of Bitcoin daily, while issues remain stable and will halve with the halving of April.

  1. Halving 2024

The second reason relates to the event that all crypto enthusiasts have been waiting for. In past cycles, this has always preceded Bitcoin’s new all-time high, but this time, everything is different. How come? It’s impossible to say for sure, but what happened could be connected to the approval of ETFs.

Usually, halving was, for many, an ‘excuse’ to return to crypto after months in which most investors ignored it due to the bear market‘s bearish price movements. This time, however, in part, the interest has come early, attracted by significant American funds.

  1. A virtuous bear market

The third and final reason is related to the bear market. The strong growth that Bitcoin and the crypto world, in general, have experienced in the last period is also the result of the work done in the previous two years. You know, there is no better time to build new solutions or improve existing ones than when prices fall and the euphoria disappears.

Over the past few months, many technological innovations have been born (or improved) on Bitcoin. Some are more controversial and divisive, such as Ordinals and BRC 20 tokens; others, such as Layer 2, are universally considered necessary. The other ecosystems, e.g. Cosmos, Ethereum and Solana, have also renewed themselves, trying to improve above all from the point of view of ease of use. A historical weakness for this sector.

As mentioned, these are not all the causes contributing to Bitcoin reaching a new all-time high. How not to mention the considerable interest in artificial intelligence and the consequent rise in the share price of technology companies, e.g., Nvidia? Or the imminent end of quantitative tightening policies, and thus the likely cut in interest rates in the coming months. 

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