Everything you need to know on Ripple, XRP and the SEC

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According to European legislation, Ripple is compliant. Therefore Young Platform will not be removing XRP

The Enquiry

On 22 December, the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs, the company behind the cryptocurrency XRP. The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is the federal agency that oversees the US stock exchange. The SEC is investigating the relationship between Ripple Labs and XRP, alleging that the latter is actually a security token.

The SEC alleges that the founders launched the XRP currency by selling it as a share of the Ripple company, without registering it as such. The ICO launched by XRP raised more than $1.3 billion from investors all around the world. Therefore, the lawsuit centres on the fact that the SEC holds Ripple Labs responsible for failing to register its offering as an investment contract for investors. Ripple promptly responded to the lawsuit, anticipating the SEC’s official charges on Twitter.

XRP will stay on Young Platform

The debate has led to the major US-based exchanges delisting or planning to delist XRP.

However, according to European legislation, Ripple is compliant. Therefore Young, like other European exchanges, will not be removing XRP from the Young Platform and Young Platform Pro exchanges at this time. This is because we want to avoid harming our users and give them the ability, in accordance with current European regulations, to continue to sell, buy or trade their XRP.

The future of XRP on Young Platform

Should the company’s main liquidity providers remove Ripple from their offerings, it is likely that Young will also be forced to delist XRP. Should this happen, our customers’ funds will still be protected by allowing them to be converted to fiat or sent to external wallets prior to removal. Again, users will be notified well in advance to allow them to better plan and manage their XRP funds.

Young will continue to follow the debate closely and keep its users updated.

XRP recorded a 55% growth in the last 24 hours.

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