Quests: How do they work?

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Step’s Quests are a series of goals designed to challenge yourself and earn more YNG. For each color a different quest!

To see how much time you have left to complete a Quest, press the card and the countdown will appear. Once completed at 100%, press the card to redeem the YNG tokens as a reward.

Earning YNG by Walking

Yellow Quests:

to complete this type of Quests you need to claim of the number of steps indicated.

Example: To complete the first 5000-steps Quest, you could claim 4000 steps +1000 steps or claim 1500 steps 4 times. We always recommend claiming 1500 steps or more, in order to avoid recalculations that could prevent you from claiming successfully.

Fuchsia Quests: to complete this type of Quests you need to claim as many times as indicated.

Please Note: The same steps that place you higher in both rankings contribute to the progress in your Quests and vice versa.

Balance the claims you make to complete as many Quests as possible combined!

Earning YNG by Inviting your Friends. NEW

Purple Quests: to complete these quests go to the “Invite your friends” section, at the bottom of the middle page of Step.

Tap “Invite” and send the link to download Step to as many friends as you want.

If the number of friends required by the Quest accepts the invitation, subscribes to Step and makes at least 1 claim, the Quest will be completed.

The status of the invitations can be viewed within the same section.


A Quest says: invite 3 friends to get 5 YNG

  • I go to the invite section, I send 10 invitations to 10 friends
  • 5 friends ignore the invitation
  • 5 friends download Step, but only 3 of them claim.
  • The Quest, therefore, is 100% completed, tap it twice and you will be credited 3 YNG (regular reward, 1 for each active friend) + 5 YNG (Quest prize)

If another Quest says: invite 5 friends to get 5 YNG

  • with the previous Quest, you will already be at 3/5, you are missing only 2 Invites to successfully complete the new Quest and earn another 5 YNG (regular reward, 1 for each active friend) + 5 YNG (Quest prize)

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