Step Quests: how do they work?

Anna Perozzi

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Step Quests are a series of objectives to challenge yourself and earn experience points (XP) so you can level up

You can find the Quests in the Hub section, under “Goals”.

They all generally have the same basic mechanism: progress is tracked automatically based on the actions you take on the app, and they all have a deadline after which progress is reset.

Once 100% complete, tap on the button to redeem XPs.

Let’s now go over the different types of Quests!

Collect XP by walking

The Steps, Claims and Rankings quests allow you to gain XPs by walking. The great thing is that the same steps that move you up the Rankings help you progress through the quests and vice versa. Actions are in fact cumulative between quests: you can manage the claims you make to complete as many quests as possible in combination!


To complete this type of quest, you must make the claim of the indicated amount of steps.

Example: To complete the first 5000 step quest, you can either make claims of 4000 steps+1000 steps or you can make 4 claims of 1500 steps and so on. It is recommended to always make claims after 1500 steps in order to avoid recalculations that could prevent redemption.

20,000 steps in less than a day is not for everyone. Will you make it?


To complete this type of quest, you must tap the claim button as many times as indicated.

Can you really make 10 claims in 7 hours? We’ll see!


The colour of the sky is associated with quests on the Rankings: the more you win, the more XP you gain.

What can we say, if you win five in four days you will be our Hero!

Collect XP with Up&Down

Walking is so exhausting! Let’s take a break and check the markets.

With the Forecast quests you can really put your predictive skills to good use: if you are lucky or an expert in technical analysis, you will climb the levels in no time.

It doesn’t matter what currency, it doesn’t matter how you get your forecasts right, as long as you win, Step gives you more XP!

These are all the quests on Step: start now and challenge your limits!

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