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Avalanche lands on Young Platform!


Anna Perozzi

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On the Young Platform exchange you can now find AVAX, the Avalanche token. The blockchain for developing decentralised, scalable and secure projects

New listing on Young Platform. Have you heard of Dapps? And DeFi? Surely you know what an NFT is! Avalanche is the blockchain that allows developers to do all these things in a simple way.

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche is a project started in 2018 by developers at Ava Labs. It is a blockchain that solves the trilemma of scalability and is therefore simultaneously scalable, secure and decentralised. How is it possible to have all three characteristics? Thanks to Snowball, the consensus algorithm of this blockchain. On Avalanche you can find a platform to create blockchains, a Smart Contract protocol to develop Dapps and NFTs, a tool to create tokens and to tokenise assets.

What is AVAX?

How do you do all these things on Avalanche? By using the AVAX token. It is used to pay network fees and as an exchange token in all the dapps that the platform provides. In addition, AVAX is used as collateral for validators, who have to stake at least 2000 AVAX to participate in the network. 

Why did we choose AVAX?

AVAX is the token for those who want to enter a new decentralised ecosystem, which is very fast, has very low fees and is environmentally friendly. There is a DeFi ecosystem developing around this blockchain to keep an eye on. Such as? Pangolin, a decentralised exchange on which to do staking and yield farming. Or Yay Games, a decentralised games platform and marketplace. 

What pairs are available for AVAX?


Want to know more?

Read the Academy article on Avalanche!


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