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BAT and STORJ land on Young Platform Pro!

Anna Perozzi

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Hello to STORJ and BAT the new altcoin on Young Platform Pro

Two innovative cryptocurrencies are now available on Young Platform Pro: Storj (STORJ), the token of a decentralised storage cloud, and Basic Attention Token (BAT), which has the purpose to protect copyrights and reward content creators.


What is Storj?

Storj is a decentralised cloud storage platform that allows any computer to rent its excess storage space to those who need it. 

STORJ is the token coordinating the network stakeholders and is the main means of payment within the platform.

Users who need storage space, in fact, can buy it in STORJ and, in turn, suppliers, receive STORJ as a reward for the excess space they have.

To do this, Storj launched Tardigrade, a decentralised cloud storage solution where users can securely store their files.

What is BAT?

Basic Attention Token is a utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain, designed to make digital advertising fairer and more transparent. 

The token is used to correctly assess the user’s attention within the platform, to pay publishers for their advertising space and even to reward users for watching or clicking on their ads.

To fulfil its mission, the BAT ecosystem relies on Brave, an open-source privacy-oriented browser designed to block trackers and malware. Brave leverages blockchain technology to anonymously and securely track user interests and reward publishers accordingly.

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