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New Club Benefit: cashback on card deposits

Anna Perozzi

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Ready for amazing news? With the new benefit, fees on card deposits, Apple Pay and Google Pay will be just a distant memory!

Cards are definitely the fastest way to deposit funds, without having to use complicated IBAN codes or other banking information. Simply enter your card details or use Apple Pay or Google Pay and you’re done!

Thanks to the new benefit, it will also become the most convenient method! 

Every Club gets its Bonus

Depending on your club membership you are entitled to:

  • Bronze: 1 €5 bonus
  • Silver: 1 €5 bonus
  • Gold: 2 €5 bonuses
  • Platinum: 3 €5 bonuses

Bonuses will be credited automatically on the first day of each month. They will be applied to card deposits made during the current month. 

Each bonus is valid for only one deposit, which means that anyone who has three bonuses will be credited back the fees for three deposits.

To make the most of this benefit, consider a few things:

  • Set up a recurring purchase with your card, Apple Pay or Google Pay: this way you can avoid paying fees every time you set aside your crypto;
  • Make a deposit for an amount that is not too low: if you are going to make a deposit, consider depositing a higher amount to take advantage of the full value of the bonus;
  • Pay attention to the first (1, 2 or 3) deposits you make in the current month: the bonus will be applied to that, so make sure you take full advantage of it.

We are happy to offer this new benefit to our Club members and hope you will make the most of it to get the most out of your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When will I receive the bonus?

If you are already a member of a Club, you will receive your bonus on the first day of each calendar month. This month of March will be an exception, with the bonus being credited today! 

New members will receive it upon registration and on the first day of the month thereafter. 

Where will I receive the bonus?

In the Bonus Wallet, the section of Young Platform where you can view all the bonuses you have. In the details you can see their status, value, expiry date and for which transactions they are valid. 

For how many deposits is the bonus valid?

Each bonus is valid for only one deposit, which means that those in the Platinum Club will be able to have their fees credited back for three deposits, while those in the Gold Club for two deposits.

For which transactions is the bonus valid?

The deposit methods covered by the promotion are:

  • Deposit by payment card
  • Deposit with Google Pay
  • Deposit with Apple Pay

Also included are card deposit fees associated with recurring purchases.  

How is the bonus used?

The bonus is applied during the deposit operation automatically. On the transaction summary screen, before confirmation, you will see a banner alerting you to the refund of fees paid. 

The refund will be made as soon as you complete the operation. 

If you have set up a recurring purchase with a card, you will not receive a notification. Deposit fees will be credited automatically to your Euro Wallet. 

How are fees refunded?

As soon as you complete a deposit, the amount of fees paid will be transferred from the Bonus Wallet to the Euro Wallet via cashback. 

You can view the refund in the transaction history. 

Will I be refunded all the fees I paid for my card deposit? 

You will be credited the amount paid up to a maximum of €5, i.e. the value of a bonus. 

If I do not use up the entire bonus with a deposit, can I reuse it?

No, each bonus is only valid for one deposit. So if you do not use the full amount, you cannot recover the excess. 

Can I decide on which deposit to use the bonus?

No, the bonus is automatically applied to the first deposit (or first deposits in the case of Gold and Platinum Clubs) you make during the month. If you want to use it on a recurring purchase, we recommend that you set it up so that it is made on the first few days of the month. To do so, simply cancel the current recurring purchase and reset it on the first few days of April. 

If I make a transfer but it is rejected or not credited, how does that work for the bonus?

The bonus does not work for deposits by bank transfer, but with deposits made by credit, debit, prepaid, Apple and Google Pay cards. 

If I change Club, how does it work?

In the case of an upgrade, you will be credited the difference that you did not receive at the previous club. So if you upgrade from Silver to Gold, you will get an extra bonus, but if you upgrade from Bronze to Silver, you will not be credited anything, because both involve receiving only one bonus. 

If I have already used the card in the past, will I still be entitled to this bonus? 

The bonus is not retroactive, it will be applied to card deposits you make from today onwards. 

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