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Last day: 100% discount


Anna Perozzi

1 min

black friday

Today only, you can buy your favourite cryptos with 100% off fees.

You thought that was it for Black Friday, didn’t you?
No, it wasn’t!
In celebration of the last day of discounts, we’re pumping up the volume:

Today only, you get 100% off your trading fees on Young Platform (not valid on the Pro version)

Make it a triple combo!

It’s been a hot week on Young Platform, with the Metaverse tokens, Satispay integration and Black Friday.

By putting 2 and 2 together you can combine these opportunities to your advantage, and at the same time introduce Young Platform to your circle of friends.

So, let’s connect the dots:

  1. Deposit for free with Satispay
  2. Buy cryptocurrencies without fees
  3. Invite your friends to receive €5 each

Remember to get them to activate their account now so they can take advantage of these opportunities before the day is out 💪

Remember, you have until midnight!
*mission impossible theme*

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