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Young Platform and TradingView: the partnership is renewed!

Filippo Iachello

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Trading View and Young Platform: Partnership Renewal

Young Platform has renewed its partnership with TradingView, the platform that has revolutionised the way markets are analysed. 

We are proud to announce that our partnership with TradingView, the most widely used platform for analysing the charts of major assets, including cryptocurrencies, has been renewed.

What does this mean in a nutshell? On Young Platform Pro, our dedicated crypto trader exchange, you have all the most popular tools of this powerful, sophisticated and comprehensive platform at your disposal. Indicators, tools, sliders and drawing tools, you have everything you need to fulfil your potential and become a better trader!

What, in short, is TradingView?

TradingView is the world’s most widely used technical market analysis platform. It is an essential resource for traders wishing to consult charts and carry out in-depth analysis to find the right entry and exit points for a position.

TradingView has conquered the market thanks to two key features, especially when dealing with a discipline as complex as trading: ease of use and customizability.

In this sense, it is the perfect tool for novice traders who want to follow the price of a particular asset, such as Bitcoin. It is also perfect for experienced traders who need professional tools, which the platform itself provides.

TradingView and Young Platform: a trading experience without limits 

Another great strength of TradingView concerns its ability to adapt to trading platforms and exchanges, in the case of the crypto world. 

Thanks to this feature, and the resulting collaboration between Young Platform and Trading View, you will find all the indicators and tools you need for in-depth analysis on our exchange Pro. In other words, you can study the charts in one virtual space, finding your setups every time you log in.

You can plot trendlines or use an exponential moving average, for example, to find the perfect time to buy your favourite crypto. No matter how long this scenario takes to play out, once you log in, you will find everything as you left it.

Here are, in detail, the main advantages of integrating TradingView on Young Platform Pro:

  • Enhanced crypto charts: use the many trading indicators at your disposal to perform your technical analysis;
  • All your tools in one place: draw lines or geometric figures, draw, colour certain sections and write your notes directly on the chart;
  • Your drawings and analyses remain there, where you left them;
  • You can view all your open orders directly on the chart and keep track of your trading strategies.

Now that you know how the collaboration between Young Platform and TradingView works and what benefits it brings, you just have to start trading in a, truly, professional manner.
Keep following our blog so you don’t miss upcoming updates to Young Platform Pro to test the indicators, drawing tools and tools by TradingView.

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