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New minimum amounts for SAND


Anna Perozzi

1 min


Today, Young Platform’s liquidity provider updated the minimum buy and sell requirement for SAND markets. The change is likely due to the surge in the token’s price over the past few days.

What does this imply?

This means that the minimum buy and sell amount for SAND will be raised on both the Young Platform and Young Platform Pro exchanges in this way: 

  • EUR/SAND minimum amount changes from €10 to €35
  • USDT/SAND minimum amount stays at 10 USDT

When will the update go live?

The minimum amounts will be changed on 18 November at 10am UTC.

If you already hold the SAND cryptocurrency, we recommend that you make sure you have an amount equal to or greater than €35 as of tomorrow, November 18 at 10am UTC, so that you can sell if you wish or intend to do so. 

This update has no other implications on your Wallet or your balance. 

If buying or selling SAND is not of interest to you in the near future, this will not change anything about your activities on Young Platform. 

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