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Terra LUNA delisted from Young Platform

Anna Perozzi

1 min

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Following previous communication, Terra LUNA has been delisted from Young Platform.

After falling below 0.0055 USDT, LUNA’s EUR and USDT pairs and markets have been removed from the Young Platform and Young Platform Pro exchanges.

If you are a Pro user and at the time of delisting you had open limit orders, they will be closed automatically and you will be refunded the balance blocked in the order.

As a reminder, delisting means that it’s no longer possible to deposit, buy and sell LUNA, but withdrawal of the cryptocurrency to other wallets will of course remain enabled.

“Cryptocurrency withdrawal” means transfer via blockchain to another address on the blockchain, be it a wallet on a USB stick, a web wallet such as Metamask or another exchange. It, therefore, does not imply conversion into Euros or Tether, which is already impossible

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