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The Moneybox feature has landed on Young Platform

Anna Perozzi

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See your cryptocurrencies from a different perspective with the Moneybox, Young Platform’s new feature that makes holding them fun and easy for everyone.

💰 How does it work? 

The Moneybox feature allows you to set aside a certain amount of cryptocurrency that you don’t want to use for buying and selling. This is a wallet that is managed separately from the Spot Wallet.

To get started you can create a Bitcoin Moneybox and an Ethereum Moneybox, the most important cryptocurrencies in the market with the largest market cap and total dominance of over 60%.

The feature will be available for other cryptocurrencies in the near future, but in the meantime, you can try it out and practice saving some money on a regular basis.

💰 An automatic Moneybox

Saving money is a good habit no matter what budget you have, because it’s all about consistency.

Whether you’re at university or just starting out in business, saving a little money isn’t always easy, but it’s important to get started and the Young Platform Moneybox can help you do just that.

Thanks to the Recurring Purchase mode, you can set how much to buy once and have the platform repeat the purchase every week or every month depending on your needs.

💰 When to use the Moneybox?

With this feature, you can set aside cryptocurrencies that allow you, for example, to meet unforeseen expenses; reinforce a possible long-term strategy; set aside a little money every month or every week for your future; or accumulate a budget for a small reward you want to give yourself.

💰 Reprogram the Moneybox from time to time

In a few seconds, you can change your Moneybox according to your strategy or goals. If you receive a promotion and your salary is significantly higher, you can increase the amount for your Moneybox. If, on the other hand, you decide to renovate your house and have to devote your budget to the work, you can reduce the frequency of your purchases.

From the Moneybox section, by deactivating the automatic purchase and setting-up a new one, you can adjust both the frequency and the amount of your purchases.

💰 How to set up your Moneybox

We have prepared detailed guides to help you set up your piggy bank.

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