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Your exchange opens its doors to the Community: here come the Clubs!

Anna Perozzi

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Community Sale Chapter 2: after Cashback, today we discover how Young Platform’s Clubs based on the YNG token work. Here are all the advantages!

On the 10th of May, we launched the Community Sale of the YNG token to allow Young Platform enthusiasts to play ahead of the rest of the market before the 31 May listing.

We have introduced the Cashback mechanism on YNG purchases over €200 and reconfirmed the fixed price of €0.24 until the 24th of May.

But Cashback is not the only advantage of the YNG Token: we have another card to play!

These are the Clubs, exclusive packages for token holders to experience the world of Young Platform even more intensely. It’s time to find out how they work and what benefits they bring!

What are the Clubs and how do they work?

Imagine experiencing Young Platform like a celebrity. Discounts, promotions and exclusive benefits at your fingertips. Imagine being part of an inspiring community and being in direct contact with the team at your favourite exchange. If only you could count on personal attention and five-star support. 

No need for daydreaming, the Clubs are coming to fulfil your fantasies! 

The crypto project of the moment decides to do an airdrop in collaboration with Young Platform? Perfect, you will receive a bonus on the tokens distributed!

Want to stake your cryptocurrencies? Great, your rewards will be increased and your assets won’t just gather dust!

So if you want the ultimate crypto experience on Young Platform, don’t miss out on the Clubs. These are packages of benefits that will be accessible from the 31st of May* by locking the YNG you own or buy. The more YNG you lock, the more benefits you will get and the higher your Club level will be.

Accepting the invitation to the Clubs also means actively contributing to the growth of Young Platform: in an ecosystem, as in a community, the success of one part is the success of all!

What are the advantages of the Clubs?

There are 3 main advantages available immediately:

  • Discounts on buying and selling fees 
  • Increase in rewards received via the Earning Wallet
  • Increase in rewards received during Airdrop events This is just the beginning – there will be more and more benefits in the future! (see Sandbox)
young clubs

How do I join the Clubs?

The Clubs are already visible from the 10th of May on Young Platform, but you can only sign up from the launch of YNG on the market, on the 31st of May*.

Only YNG from your Step Wallet can be used to join a Club, i.e. not locked YNG.

The minimum subscription period – and therefore the blocking of YNG used to join – will last 90 days.

After these 90 days, you can decide to unsubscribe and unlock the YNG, or stay subscribed and leave the YNG locked for as long as you want. 

Do you have more questions about how Exclusive Clubs work? Here are all the answers you need!

*Dates may be subject to change because of delays caused by third parties involved in the process.

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