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What is Bitcoin Cash ?

Bitcoin Cash originated from a hard fork of Bitcoin, with the aim of optimising the scalability of its blockchain and effectively becoming a payment system on a global scale. Although this goal remains difficult to achieve, Bitcoin Cash has become the epicentre of various exciting blockchain projects. For example, Simple Ledger Protocol allows its developers to create their own tokens on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, while SmartBCH enables the distribution of Ethereum dApps on the BCH network with the advantage of lower fees.

Why buy Bitcoin Cash ?

Bitcoin Cash combines the scarcity of gold (max. 21 million coins available) with the expendability of a cryptocurrency that has very low transaction fees, suitable for micro-payments. BCH is also used as an incentive for content creators and DApp users. Bitcoin Cash is currently among the top 20 cryptocurrencies in the entire crypto market.

How it began?

Bitcoin Cash developers carried out this hard fork after a discussion about the future of Bitcoin. The majority of the development team wanted to keep Bitcoin speculative; others, however, wanted to transform Bitcoin into a real payment system. BCH was the first Bitcoin hard-fork ever made.

How to buy Bitcoin Cash ?

Join the crypto market with BCH by following these 3 simple steps.

Create and verify your account
Enter and confirm your email address. Start immediately by completing the identity verification procedure, you just need a selfie and a document.
Deposit funds with a bank transfer
Top up your account with Euro before purchasing. You can make a SEPA transfer from any bank in Europe.
Buy your first crypto
Purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more in 2 steps. You can start with just €20!

Why choose Young Platform

Young Platform is designed and built around the needs of our community, ideal for beginners.

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