Euro-dollar exchange rate, experts’ forecasts for 2024

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Euro-dollar exchange rate forecasts

Experts’ forecasts for the euro-dollar 2024 exchange rate: which currency will be stronger? 

What are the forecasts for the EUR/USD exchange rate in 2024? As always, experts in the currency market and beyond closely monitor the EUR/USD exchange rate. Every movement of the quotation is constantly analysed, as is the continuous strengthening and weakening of one currency against another. For this reason, and because of their interest in the pair, experts make their forecasts on the EUR/USD exchange rate every year. 

Euro-dollar exchange rate: forecast 2024

Before analysing the forecasts on the euro-dollar exchange rate, it is necessary to make a few theoretical clarifications. EUR/USD is the abbreviation for the euro-dollar exchange rate, i.e. the rate that indicates how many dollars are needed to buy one euro. In this currency pair, the euro is the ‘base currency’, and the dollar is the ‘quoted currency’. If, for example, the rate is 1.5, it means that $1.5 corresponds to 1 euro.

Forex investors study the euro-dollar exchange rate, generally used to calculate a currency’s strength. This metric is influenced by central bank monetary policies, such as interest rate rises, and macroeconomic conditions, such as inflation or the bond yield spread between the US and Germany. Specifically, when a central bank raises interest rates, money in circulation decreases, increasing its value.

What do the major investment banks’ forecasts on the euro-dollar exchange rate for 2024 tell us? In general, is the euro expected to continue gaining ground against the dollar, or will we see the opposite scenario?

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Morgan Stanley’s forecasts

According to Morgan Stanley analysts, unlike in 2023, USD will regain lost ground against EUR in 2024.

Their forecast on the euro-dollar exchange rate sees the pair reaching 1 in the coming months. Therefore, the euro’s descent that began at the end of November 2023 will not stop. 

Bank of America and ING

On the other hand, Bank of America (BoA) expects a still relatively strong euro in 2024. The exchange rate estimate is 1.10 and 1.15 in 2024. Several elements could alter these assumptions, but the main one is related to interest rates. BoA analysts think that the Fed’s rate cut, which will take place, again according to them, from June 2024 onwards, will undermine the strength of the dollar. The lower the rates, the more liquidity there should be in the markets, which would favour investments in riskier assets and a drop in demand for the US currency.   


JPMorgan’s euro-dollar exchange rate forecast from October begins with the realization that the dollar could return strong in 2024 after the crash of 2022/2023.  

The main cause is the war in the Middle East and the possible increase in energy prices. JP Morgan’s forecast for 2024 has a precise price target: 1.00 in the first months of the year. This would translate into a 7% increase in the dollar’s value. 


ABN AMRO Bank economists, on the other hand, raised their forecasts for the euro-dollar exchange rate. The bank expects the Federal Reserve and the ECB to start lowering interest rates with the arrival of the New Year. This hypothetical situation would not favour either currency. The exchange rate is expected to settle at 1.05 at the beginning of the year and reach a high of 1.10 in the final quarter. 

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